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03-21-2011 (A) Change of plans due to snow in Reno. Longer drive, but safer, I think. Think happy thoughts for us.

03-22-2011 (B) Leaving Jean, Nevada and heading off the interstate to get to Twin Falls. Not the most efficient route, but puts us where we want to be. YAY!

03-22-2-11 (C) Made it to Twin Falls. What a wonderful scenic route it was. Tomorrow off to Billings, Montana!

03-23-2011 (D) We called it a day at Hardin, MT. Tomorrow we will visit Devils Tower, Wyoming (E) and the Crazy Horse Monument (F). This should be fun!

03-25-2011 Spent yesterday at Devils Tower, and realized we didn't have enough time to show the Crazy Horse Memorial (F)the respect it deserves. We promised each other a trip out here to South Dakota next year, so I could see the Petrified Gardens, the Wonderland Cave, and all the other cool stuff SD has to offer. We got to (G) Murdo, SD and called it a day. We are hoping to make it to Laporte by the end of today.